Tuesday, November 11, 2008

Release the Inner Kid to Reduce Stress and Create More Balance

It's so easy to get caught up in the drama of day-to-day life. To stress, worry, live in fear and focus on all that could go wrong. What a way to live your life! How do you find room for happiness amidst all the drama? Even finding the time to remember what you need and what's important is difficult. Now that the political ads are off the air there is a a new barrage of negative ads talking about "these economic times." Negativity only adds to the drain on your energy and stress.

On a recent flight I witnessed a plane full of adults displaying excitement usually reserved for five and six year old kids. The moment engulfed me as it's so rare you see a site like this. There were couples with gray hair straining to look out the window excitedly to get their first glimpse of the Hawaiian Islands. Two men in their fifties were laughing, "groovin" and sharing headphones on their iPod while plotting out their excursions on a map of the island. Everyone was happy. The babies weren't even crying! I sat there and completely drank in the scene. The energy that filled the plane was giggly, uplifting and positive. It was an incredible moment.

We have all heard about the importance of connecting with our inner child. But how do we do it? That's what was so impressive about this experience on the plane. No one was acting self-conscious about their level of excitement. No one was logically thinking about whether this was the proper adult or "politically correct" (PC) thing to do. They were just acting from the heart, from emotion.

As we grow up we are so conditioned to what we "should" and "shouldn't" do. We learn so many rules, have to watch our "P's and Q's" and now on top of it we've become a society that always has to be PC. There isn't any room to be free to experience life as it comes and enjoy things without worrying about being silly or stupid. We lose it so quickly.

While working out in the hotel gym I had a little fun with the people there. Instead of carrying the body ball over to where I wanted to use it, I bounced it. Yup, I dribbled it just like a basketball! As expected most people looked inquisitively to see what in the world I was doing. But I smiling as I worked my way to the other side of the gym. Bouncing this huge ball reminded me of days spent on my grandma's front porch bouncing a little beach ball which I always loved to do.

Learning to play again is important for everyone, not just those of us who suffer(ed) with eating disorders. What is something you still really enjoy that makes you feel free? Something you can do that you can execute without really caring what other people think? Did you like to color, play with paper dolls? (remember those? I loved them!) Maybe it was drawing or writing poems?

Look for little ways to be a kid and express yourself! It's a great way to let go of control for awhile and bring some balance back into your life.

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In peace, balance and health!

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