Tuesday, March 17, 2009

Women's Wellness - Get Inspired to Act

Have you thought about doing something to improve your life in the past week? Anything? If you could have whatever you want, what would it be?

Is your life so busy you had to really stop and think about it? For many women life is a series of scheduled appointments, deadlines, and caring for family. When and how do you take a break? If you're like most of the women I talk to you don't. Most women either don't feel they deserve it or are so attached to the "to do" list they can't let go. I can relate. At home there is always "stuff" you gotta do. To really relax, sleep in and chill I go away. Plus I get revived from the change of scenery.

But most of us can't afford to go away regularly either because of finances, kid duty or commitments to work. (And those that travel regularly for work would kill to stay home!)

This is part of the problem. So many women aren't really happy with their life. Are you? Maybe you get a good day here and there and when the weather is really nice it boosts your mood. But - at the core are you really happy? Do you know what it would take to make you happy?

Far too many women are in unhappy relationships, or wishing they had one. Miserable in their jobs or wishing they had one. Unhappy with their bodies, but feel they have no control over their diet or have tried every diet out there and haven't found success. I rarely meet women that are truly happy. That is so sad!

This is your life! This is it! If you're living through years of misery and unhappiness you don't get another chance. So why don't you fix it, why not do something to make your life better, happier? For most women it's because the fear of stepping out of their comfort zone is more than they are willing to risk.

Comfortable is hard to break. That's why women continually turn to comfort food, alcohol or relationships that may not be good for them. Because they are comfortable..aka it's what they're used to. Even though they may not like the way they're treated. We often seek out relationships that mirror the way we were brought up. Why do they call it a "comfort zone" anyway? Moving outside the box we were raised in or are used to involves change. And for many women change equates to very real and intense fear. Fear of being alone, fear of finding another relationship, fear of what other people will think. Fear of...the unknown.

I've got great news. Moving out of your comfort zone to explore new relationships. new situations, jobs and experiences is very rewarding. Even Sheryl Crow's says, "A Change Will Do You Good."

It's springtime, the time has changed, the days are getting longer. What better time to take a step out of your comfort zone to do something new and make a positive change in your life? Making positive mprovements in your life will also improve your health.

Speaking of women's wellness I'll be speaking at several women's events in the next couple of weeks. These will be informative, fun, inspirational and even include free gifts! Here's the schedule:

Saturday, March 21st
Ventura Library, LifeForward Series (Balanced Nutrition on a Budget) 10:30 am -12:30 pm
Casa de las Amigas, Women's Wellness Seminar (Learning to Let Go) 2:00-5:00 pm

Saturday, April 4th
LaVerne Country Club, A Toast to You, Women's Retreat (Hey Superwoman! Trading Stress and Dis-ease for Peace and Balance) 8:30am -12:00pm

For more details and and to RSVP for these events, click here.

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To your health!


Monday, March 2, 2009

What's "Right" In Your Life?

Do you remember being told by your teacher (or parents) to focus? I can still hear the words, "focus, focus!" being shouted at me. Concentration wasn't something I came blessed with. Often when I was practicing violin or piano or reading several chapters of my homework my mind was off somewhere else.

Do you know where your mind is most of the time? What do you think about, what thoughts occupy the bulk of your day? Do you spend all your time keeping score and writing a mental list of everything that went wrong or didn't happen the way you wanted it to? Do you spend time engaging in idle gossip or talking about people you don't like and what they do that irritates you? Some people get caught up in everything that goes wrong at the office. How they are mistreated by their co-workers and not appreicated. (I hear that one a lot.) Then they spend time scheming how they will outsmart or get back at someone who "did them wrong". Could it be your children that keep you in fits of anger, frustration and score keeping on how awful and misbehaving they are?

Ever stop to think about where all this focus takes you and what it does to you? Not just mentally, but physically. Many individuals don't think they are "negative", but their conversations say otherwise. By continually focusing on everything that's wrong you will continue find lots of things wrong. And you'll increase the amount of stress in your life because of the state of agitation you exist in. This also affects your ability to be happy because when we continue to keep score of all the wrongs it's hard to even connect with what's right or working.

What if you Flipped it? Make a conscious effort to make mental note throughout the day of all the things that feel good, turn out better than expected, and appreicate what's right in your life.

Start when you first get out of bed in the morning. Take a minute to consciously position your mindset for the day. Make a choice to look for a little surprise everyday. Maybe it's someone you meet who has information you were looking for or can introduce you to someone who can help you. Maybe it's as little as being on the freeway and getting to your destination quicker than expected despite the traffic. Or your child surprises you by cleaning up their room without being asked. If you change your focus and look for a daily surprise you'll find they are always there.

The benefits of this approach is that you'll feel much better both mentally and physically. When you change your focus to notice the things that make you feel good and what's "right" you'll eliminate stress, improve your relationships, your self-esteem and outlook on life.

So Flip it!

In peace, balance and health,

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