Thursday, October 16, 2008

It Started With Pop-Tarts MP3 Version Available Now!

The audio version of It Started With Pop-Tarts...An Alternative Approach to Winning the Battle of Bulimia is now available! Listen as I tell my story personally. This recording has the usual dose of "Lori" energy, intensity and entertainment. It also includes snippets of the music behind the lyrics I wrote as part of my healing process. (Yes, that's really me singing!)

This is a great way to learn about a powerful, alternative approach to winning the battle of eating disorders. My approach includes acupuncture, several forms of body work, meditation, nutrition and supplements, creativity and working with the sub-conscious to improve self-esteem and change negative thoughts and beliefs. It offers hope, inspiration and direction to those who at "are at risk" and individuals who are submerged in this chronic cycle of abuse.

For parents and loved ones, it provides a candid look into the depths of obsession a person suffering with an eating disorder is experiencing.

This MP3 version was prepared especially for those who don't have time to read, don't like to read or just plain prefer listening through their iPods.

It Started With Pop-Tarts... goes beyond eating disorders it's packed with great information about chemical imbalances that cause cravings and binges, and provides great strategies for creating a healthier lifestyle if you're struggling with your weight or unhealthy habits.

Get your copy now, only $9.95!

For those who prefer to purchase the CD Audio Book it will be available later this month, both on my website and Amazon.

In peace, balance and health,

Lori Hanson

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