Saturday, June 7, 2008

Do You Know The Top 13 Chemicals and Ingredients that Contribute to Binge Eating?!

So many people are shocked to hear that I was bulimic for 23 years and never threw up. Many people suffering with bulimia use excessive exercise, strict diets, laxatives or diet pills to control weight gain after bingeing. There are two types of bulimics "purging and non-purging."

I recently attended the Book Expo America (BEA) trade show in Los Angeles and shared my list of “Top 13 Chemical Conditions That Contribute to Binge Eating” at my book signing. Again, many people were unaware that chemical imbalances in our bodies contribute to binge eating and eating disorders. It's not all psychological!

As a young kid I had numerous ear infections. I was on antibiotics many times. Later in high school and college I had seven ear infections in the span of a year and a half. More antibiotics! It killed off my healthy bacteria (or flora) and contributed to a significant chemical imbalance I encountered much later in life.

You’ve probably heard about yeast infections often associated with antibiotics. But do you know about Candida? Candida overgrowth is a silent epidemic and contributes to many physical ailments including: sugar cravings, low libido, fatigue, feeling sick all over, cracking or splitting finger nails and sensitivity to tobacco smoke, perfumes and much, much more. (Visit, for more information.) Combined with my continual binges on "white foods" that included pasta, pizza, and ice cream I had created a significant chemical imbalance in my body. But Candida is only one of the contributors.

During my bulimic years I developed a sugar sensitivity. And as I discovered in later years this was often the cause of my cravings and binges on sugar or alcohol. I learned about the amino acids essential for proper brain function while working with an integrative therapist. Without a proper balance of amino acids we have what Julia Ross, author of The Mood Cure calls “false moods.” This causes depression, anxiety and stress, oversensitivity to feelings and the blahs. Conditions typically treated with medication that can be addressed with natural supplements. (

Here is a list of 13 chemicals and ingredients that contribute to binge eating:

  • Overuse of antibiotics
  • Too much sugar in diet – including high sugar fruit!!
  • Candida
  • Sugar Sensitivity
  • Low blood sugar (skipping meals)
  • Diet lacking in Tryptophan
  • Burned out Adrenal glands
  • Low serotonin
  • Low catecholamines
  • Low GABA
  • Low endorphins
  • Low Zinc
  • Caffeine – even decaf!

Fortunately I found an alternative approach to recovering from my bulimia and in the process learned a great deal about health, nutrition, body chemistry and holistic healing. For more information on my approach and my book, It Started With Pop-Tarts®…An Alternative Approach to Winning the Battle of Bulimia visit,

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Vickyann said...

This is really interesting, I knew there were chemical imbalances which can cause binges but I never looked into what they are. Thank you.

Vicky XXX